Who Are We?


We are friends, partners and above all a couple parent of two little girls. We travel for over 15 years and yet we are asked to Morocco for almost 7 years. We quickly fell in love with Moroccan crafts and we wanted to share all his creations to the Western world. But in time the creator, we could not avoid falling into the desire to make our own creations using the ancestral knowledge of Moroccan artisans. An exchange of know-how very rewarding, desires and needs on the one hand, a method and tradition of the other. We are also owns several websites selling online with their theme revolves around all of Moroccan craftsmanship. We have seasoned a strong awareness on the quality of our products but also services for sale online. Know that we are doing absolutely everything together! Full independence whether for the creation of our items, purchases of leather and followed by production, packaging and mailings, telephone helpline and e-mail, but also the creation of our sites, their designs, photos and texts and referencing. We wiped the plaster in the online sales and have Moroccan greatly assisted several public services such as post Moroccan customs and foreign exchange bureau to improve their services to other online retailers can more easily work Moroccan.


Art Director in design studio and major fashion magazines and decorating. Adore the great journeys around the world. Loves everything related to the creation and seeks to make products attractive to our customers' West. Always close the communication, there is fortunate that it is what you will do if you contact us.


Webmaster and Graphic Illustrator 3D. Thirst for novelty, turn to the souks to find new products if possible but remain original oriental. Do not try to change the face of the world but to value as much as possible the work of Moroccan artisans, offering them new ways to sell and learning from them their ageless culture of commerce.

http://moroccanpouffe.com/ is a shared culture and above all a story of Man and travel.