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What are the shipping costs?

The delivery costs are included in the price of Pouf Ottoman

Can we choose a different place of delivery of his address?

Yes, you can request a delivery to another address in my account section of our site.

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What are the different possible places of delivery?

Everywhere on earth! sends packages for nearly 6 years and we have delivered almost anywhere, or even to places we never imagined that our Bean Bags can be of interest. Example: Guyana, Kerguelen, New Zealand, South Korea, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia ...

How long will my order delivered to me?

If your item is available, it will be delivered on average with:

The international express postal service (very fast and reliable) from 7 to 15 days

Over 6 weeks, there may be a problem, so it is imperative to contact us. We will conduct an reshipment, or an immediate refund through Paypal.

Know that we take full responsibility for our shipments.

Steps to deliver my package?

At any time, you can find out if your purchases have gone from us . .

If you had one or more items that you have not yet received, go to "Your Account - Ordering Information" to see what situation are your articles. contact us or call 00212 (0) 5 24 44 57 79

Secure payment? (Paypal)

We use secure payment service the world's most reliable PayPal.

The two big advantages of secure payment service Paypal are:

The first is that PayPal helps to protect your credit card informations with the best systems on the market for security and prevention against fraud. When you use PayPal, your financial informations are never shared with the merchant.

The second advantage is that we can refund you immediately in case problems , litigation or lost parcels.

I have problems connecting to secure server Paypal. Why?

The connection to the server in secure mode of payment requires to use a browser that supports SSL encryption (secure socket layer) Firefox Safari Netscape Mozilla Internet Explorer 7,8,9 and others. With older versions (prior to 1998), connections to the server could be uncertain . For maximum comfort on the Internet, it is better to use the latest versions of browsers.

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